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The moment you run backwards for a minute never see your guy again, other wise awesome

29 days

and i rolled in at 150 meters with no fuel, go me, You should add a secrete vehicle like a clown car, or a bus, that you can upgrade, both equal stats, just add more game play and yeah lol

It was fun

until it frooze on the cereal part

I got a Idea

Why not only force us to watch a cut scene if it is a "new reaction" and add a skip part for when they repeat, I noticed you would add a skip part for scenes that you would only see once during the game, but not for scenes you are forced to watched over... and over... and over....


since for some reason the high score wasn't working in when it popped up to log in or skip couldn't click anything. My score was 25596.18 from 3 kills. Addicting game loved it
You should make a number 2 there could be more to this story. To be honest (and im quite sure alot of other players were hoping for this to) that there were more dreams and such. maybe bonus hard stages or something who knows and you only get them when you find that green fish.

FreeAsANerd responds:

There's certainly a ton of possibilities left for this game, but I have no idea whether or not I'll actually ever make a sequel.

Thanks for the review!


I pick up my first gun after the pistol thinking cool a machine gun, starting shooting the guy with the goggles, I guess my bullets like to decided when they hit the guy which is never, and for some reason sometimes the bullets would make it to the end of the screen and sometimes they would blow up 2 inches from me making them useless, the game feels ridiculously slow, get hit by one bullet, must go flying because you know, that's how real life physics work. But I get it, Its a "madness" anything can happen, especially when Hank is some giant ass destroyer of all worlds, but nah a bullet can knock him back far, sure why not. The controls blow. A.I. is really slow. Over all. Horrible Game, Enjoy that 3.21 cause its just going to get lower. The only thing appealing about this game is the looks and that it is madness, and you my good sir, have definitively ruined and disgraced it well.

Spudzy responds:

Damn trolls, they just won't learn.

Awesome Game

I have played it several times, and still remains awesome to me, But just one question, why can't you hit pedestrians, when you do he will poke fun at them. It would also make sense to hit them because there in a post apocaliptic world with the army and undead killing everyting in site, wouldn't it be better to put these civilians out of the misery instead of having them hunted down by the undead or military, because it is clear there not there to save anyone, or else they wouldn't be shooting at you. Just saiyan

I just logged in

So I could vote 5, actually raise it by .01 , I don't understand why this does not have a higher score. It is very well put together, easy to get into, and addicting. Also to boot very nice looking, with really good sound quality. Also the bonus points for achieving combos, was amazing, making the score system more then boring. Over all it has all you could be looking for in a game. It even has unlockables. Maybe it is just to hard for some people. Even though the controls are pretty simple. Even the speed and difficulty as each level progressed seemed fair and building up. Great game!!

5 and a half hours

and i finally beat it 100% and to go to sleep, come back on, and it is gone. all of it... just only my medals to show for it, whats the point of haveing 3 save files if once it is closed it is gone? amazing game i loved it, right to the end, then the end got deleted, so 5 hours gone gets you a lower score then what it would of gotten if my 5 hour saved game was still there....

goood buttt

some how it happened all to fast but my black hole spun off and went into space through the godly finger and yah nothing else happened but stars

if u want to know, ur a stalker

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