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2009-08-08 04:58:45 by elmoguy

I dont know if anyone else has noticed that newgrounds has become more, commercialized, espcially in the submissions, and actually users submitions are being un heard of, i feel sorta like, new grounds is dieing what it is, and just advertising heavly through other ppls work, and these people dont get anything, sure it sounds selfish, but what newgrounds is doing is selfish and it should be known, its all i have to say, and i doubt any one will ever read this, but thank you for your time.


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2009-08-08 05:05:24

If they're good enough, they'll have a small fanbase.

As it grows, the Ng spotlight may turn to them.


2010-12-01 20:30:11

People do get money from putting advertisements on their flashes. Also, if they were no ads on Newgrounds, then Tom would not be able to pay the server bill. Hurr durr.

elmoguy responds:

I actually am aware of all that, Just was pissed off about adds that day lol.


2012-04-19 21:59:01

I agree.